Micronutrient Forum 2014 Thematic Topic Descriptions

Thematic Topic 1:
Measuring and interpreting information on micronutrient intake, status and program coverage

This topic will focus on three major areas: 1) advances in the development and application of biomarkers to assess individual and population micronutrient status and risk of deficiency (and excess) for selected micronutrients, and response of these biomarkers to interventions; 2) updates on the estimated global prevalence of micronutrient deficiency and excess, and related risk factors; and 3) coverage of micronutrient intervention programs and risk factors for non-coverage. With regard to the first theme, we will consider information on the development and validation of novel assessment methods, as well as the effects of inflammation and other potential confounders on the interpretation of biomarkers.

Thematic Topic 2:
Effects of micronutrient interventions on indicators and functional outcomes

This topic will provide updates on evidence of the efficacy and effectiveness of nutrition interventions to improve micronutrient intake and status, and their effects on health and function. It will include: 1) new evidence of the effects of interventions (both nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive) on health, development and other functional outcomes; 2) interactions among micronutrients; 3) optimal form, dose and duration; and 4) critical life stages for micronutrient intervention.

Thematic Topic 3:
Scaling up micronutrient interventions: Bridging the gaps between evidence and implementation

This topic will highlight country experiences and the challenges and opportunities for scaling up evidence-based policies and programs from diverse sectors. It will focus on: 1) operational implementation research for ensuring high quality, coverage and adherence to micronutrient programs; 2) successful coordination and integration of micronutrients into nutrition programs and programs among health systems and other sectors; 3) securing financing and developing costed-scale up plans for micronutrient programs; 4) innovations in program monitoring and surveillance to improve decision making, including new tools, methods, experiences and lessons learned; 5) assessment of capacity building needs at the regional, national and local levels for micronutrient programs and addressing gaps; 6) translating global micronutrient guidelines into national policies and programs.

Thematic Topic 4:
Stakeholders and Sustainability: Elements of an enabling environment

This topic will: a) provide a global perspective on the stakeholders and associated enabling environment supportive of a cohesive and sustainable approach to scaling up micronutrient interventions; b) highlight multi-stakeholder partnerships, success stories and lessons learned from other sectors' experiences; c) facilitate discussion towards shaping the global environment for successful micronutrient interventions; and d) promote new ways of thinking and acting at the global levels towards successful scaling up of nutrition.